Perfect product images for your Retailers

Whether you sell your products online-store, e-commerce sites, or social media directly, act as a manufacturer or retailer.  In the B2B or B2C industry– professional product images are the basis of a successful marketing and distribution marketing strategy.

Draw your client’s attention with engaging corporate or product images for your website, social media, catalogs, promotional materials, and multichannel distribution. Workplace71 will edit your pictures quickly and according to your specific requirements. With budget-friendly pricing, you can always maintain your total investment.

Image editing depends on your corporate design requirements for a uniform corporate identity. Professional post-processing of all your product images helps you to create credible product presentations that can easily draw the attention of the viewers.  After editing all of your photos according to requirements for online stores and marketplace like” Amazon & eBay” ready distribution you will realize that how much it’s really needed to generate sales. Workplace71 also provides image editing for your campaign and corporate images for printing and other purposes. High-quality edited product images are the basis of an ideal strategy of marketing and sales.

An eye-appealing product images:

1) Create needs

2)  Facilitate the initial contact with potential customers

3) Communicate product details

4) Support product listings driving more sales

5) Exceptional images further support your advertising message

It’s effective to communicate all communication media according to the corporate identity and also meet the special requirements of each specific advertising medium. The advertising medium determines the size or type of image you should use. Advertising materials such as flyers, brochures catalogs, and advertisements in magazines need smaller pictures, on which specific details must still be recognizable. Because the potential customer would hold these mediums in their hands, they have more time to intensely observe the advertising message which makes this medium essential to execute at the highest possible level. Besides offering affordable image processing, Workplace71 also provides dedicated In all kind of image editing services like clipping path/ background removal service, product retouching, shadow making, raster to vector, 360 image editing service. Workplace71 can provide you an perfect  solution for all your advertising needs. It’s applicable on online and as well as for offline.

In contrast to advertisements customers can hold in their hands, customers are also exposed to outdoor media advertising such as banners, billboards, advertising columns, and shop windows. Advertising impact must in this case happen in a fraction of a second:

  • Attract the attention of the customers
  • Create need
  • Generate interest in the product
  • Transport the message
  • Move customers to action
  • The influence of pictures

Depending on the advertising message, your images should have a relevant look and feel. Products can be presented as high quality, fashionable, trendy, tasty, fresh, etc… Models also are characterized as familial, young, old, serious, sporty-dynamic, or erotic. Do not leave your advertising message up to chance, optimize your images for greater impact!

Try our working quality for free! Send us your raw file with 2 test images and we will do it for free.

Depending on the medium, images will require different sizes, resolutions, image formats, and color spaces. Particularly on websites, the rule is to include images only as big as necessary to reduce loading times. Also, specific image sizes are required to rank images in Google Image Search. The topic helps you to optimally prepare even a bulk number of images for publication on the desired channels, e-commerce sites, or any other sites.

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