The term online stores refer to the store where the seller sells its product by uploading attractive photos.  To attract the attention of the customers every online store concern about displaying as many beautiful product photos. When you think about good photos you must have to think about pre-post-editing. Workplace71 will be the best pre-post image editing service provider for your online store. There is always a requirement for your product image editing or image retouching services. The reason is our services are calculated towards enhancing the image quality and we can bring out the concealed details and features too. In actual fact, our high-quality services at Workplace71 are expanded towards bringing the best outputs according to our clients’ needs. We know the fact that in the present-day marketing world where get growing a strong base in this business world is the biggest matter of concern, it is essential to get noticed.  For that reason, our professional product photo editing services promise to create a lifelong, firm base for the success of our clients.

How online stores get benefited by us?

The Abundance of Services Included in Our Online Products Photo Editing or Retouching Services:

Background Remove This technique about removing background to the concerned part of the photo to highlight the product or its foreground objects. The fact is, this can also let the background to get lighter in shade or adding up another image as the background. The all-inclusive impression of a photo depends considerably on its background. An unsuitable background can destroy the impact which translates into low sales. We can remove or change the backgrounds from your product images so that you can combine them with favorable ones.

clipping Path:

When we managing clipping path projects, our team members rely only on manual work. Paths that have created or drawn manually are accurate and ensure a clean selection of the object. We do all types of paths perfectly from very basic to high.

Product Photo Retouching:

After editing product photos with all hidden details should be showing up clearly and that is the essential part for online selling. Our product image retouching services aim at adding appeal as well as requisite clarity to the images.

Ghost Mannequin Services:

Garment sellers and E-commerce companies are mostly use mannequins instead of models to display products. But mannequins in final product photos look bad. Our designers can perfectly remove mannequins from such images.

Color Adjustments and Blending Options:

Photos displayed can be adjusted in terms of perfect shade or colors and other three-dimensional effects can be applied to lend a creative touch. Sometimes the color does not seem perfect as the original picture due to weather, lighting, camera, or some other issues, then color adjustment service has been applied to give a perfect and authentic-looking picture with natural color.

Merging of Images:

This service is needed in the insertion of different photos together in one window, on individual layers to make something different for attracting target customers. That time when they doing this as a team, try to give the best effort in work and also doing this while cutting the pictures and pasting them together with perfection.

Shadow Effects:

Effects like shadows, reflections, etc can be a game-changer to make product photos more realistic. Our professional image editors can add realistic shadows and reflections to your product images and add to the credibility which helps to draw the attention and growing sales.

3D & 360° Photo Retouching:

360° Images are the latest and essential thing in the e-commerce world which growing sales. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, our expert team can help you with our 360° image retouching services where we make impactful 360° visuals and edit 3D images.

Cropping & Resizing:

E-commerce companies sometimes come across the requirement of resizing and cropping g of images, particularly in big batches. You can outsource that job to us and get quick delivery of flawlessly processed photos at cheap rates. We, at Workplace71 work towards benefiting our clients in such a way that they are able to move ahead in the direction of success. Once for all, every move is intended towards making our clients achieve a special place in the online commercial world. After all, the money invested by them in making that place is quite important and we understand the value of it. Indeed, our image editing and retouching services are extremely high-quality and we can give you guarantee a specialized presentation.

Our professional designers, in carrying out their tasks effectively, make use of the latest and technically advanced versions of the editing software that have excellent features. In this regard, they keep a cautious eye on the trend changes, so that our clients are delivered only the best services. Above all, we provide our services at very affordable prices. It is because we know that high-quality made available at an affordable price is what makes us establish long-term relations with our clients.