How to Retouch E-Commerce Photography

When shopping online, it’s important to know how a product is going to look and feel before it arrives at your door. Capturing all of that information in a photograph is the job of the photographer and retouched. Learn how to use photography and Photoshop to create beautiful, accurate product photos that fit in perfectly with a client’s brand and style.

Product Images for the Web

Most online stores have multiple images for each of their products. Learn how to create and edit photos that will fit with any web design, advertisement, or banner–all while staying consistent with the look and style of each image.

RAW Images Included!

 professional e-commerce editing while working with high end image files! We include 28 100-megapixel RAW images taken with a Phase One medium-format camera. That means you’ll be able to practice with incredible detail, color, and quality.


Perfect Backgrounds

Clients will often ask for photos that have clean, white backgrounds to fit in with a web design or online shop. We show you how to take a photographed backdrop and remove it, replacing it with a pure white background that helps the products stand out.

Professional Sharpening

Sharpening can help enhance details and help draw the attention of the viewer. We show you how to apply sharpening at multiple levels, from general image sharpening to more precise sharpening for the products, keeping the focus on the areas that matter most.

Export for the Web

Learn how to export your final images for the web, at the the right size and with accurate colors. We walk you through a professional workflow that will help you deliver photos to your clients faster and with perfect results.

Light & Color

Even exposure and accurate colors are both essential to great product photos. We take you through Lightroom Classic to make adjustments to light and white balance, and then into Photoshop to wrap it up with additional lighting and coloring to help the products stand out.

Bring out the Details

Learn how to enhance the textures and details of products using Photoshop! Add contrast, shape, and definition with professional techniques like sharpening and dodging and burning.

Dodging & Burning

Give a product a three-dimensional feel with dodging and burning. Learn how to dodge and burn at multiple levels, enhancing the shape and definition of an entire image and then zooming into the product to help the details shine.