Masking Translucent image device depicted as a distinctive challenging subject. In Workplace71 we have experts image editors they can get behind translucent objects, to mask unnecessary things or remove background, differentiate the translucent object to use an appropriate another suitable background. Our image editing firm does this translucent masking in several ways, as like:

1) Making transparency without losing the translucency.

2) To change or remove the customized background.

3) Allowing drop or complex shadow selection to the desired image.

Who needs these services?

1)  Product or Fashion Photographers;

2) Magazine Publishers;

3) Printing Companies;

4) Web design Houses;

5) Catalog Companies;

Workplace71 is one of the best image editing service provider company which can help you to make your photography more flawless and stunning with Masking Translucent and other image editing services.