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Most online stores have multiple images for each of their products. Learn how to create
and edit photos that will fit with any web design, advertisement, or banner–all
while staying consistent with the look and style of each image
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Make shadows to an image to add depth on the use of shadows,
these shadows are digitally on the image placed to give a
more realistic effect.
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Workplace71 is a Graphics design & Photo editing company Whatever
your opportunity, we can unlock it with technology.
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As a responsible business, our goal is simple – your satisfaction! Send us your images with your set of instructions and our experts will get to work immediately to have the images ready for your use as soon as possible. You can rest assured that once provided to us, your images will be safe, secured, and be prepared exactly according to your requirements.
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Clipping Path

Basic Clipping Path depends on the simplicity or complexity of the images. That’s why the easy clipping path is known as Basic Clipping Path.

Photo Retouch

Photo retouching of the name for the cure of the image is given by digital means. This is usually done by a physical recording of pictures and a digital version to make it, then the restoration of damaged portions of the image.

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Photo Masking

A clipping or layer mask is the use of masks, so that only certain parts of the image are displayed. For example, a form would be drawn into the base layer is known as a mask (the layer below right) after that all the layers and images would be located on these layers show only the parts of the image that fall within the scope of the mask and the parts of the images that are outside the mask, would be hidden this is known as the average rate.

Mirroring & Shadows

Make shadows to an image to add depth on the use of shadows, these shadows are digitally on the image placed to give a more realistic effect. Every Shadow perhaps created from scratch or modified from an existing natural shade from the image. These can be shade anywhere and on any object placed to draw attention to itself.

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Workplace71 one of the largest photo editing platform where we are processing 1000s of photo during 8 hours’ deadline. Many skilled photo retouching experts are working 24/7 as we are following 3 shifting procedure. We are able to provide all kinds of image processing services all over the world in a short-time. Our best goal to provide wonderful photo retouching services for our clients wherever and wherever.


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Our final goal is to touch the 100% client satisfaction. We build Workplace71 by using latest technology to maintain clients order and each and every record. Three step quality control process make us more strong for the quality check. We accept unlimited revision and also it’s really easy to place  from our system. 

We do believe without your satisfaction we will not get the success which we are looking for. Each and Every images we check by manually with our skilled and experienced Editors where we maintain three step QUALITY CONROLL process. 

All of the business has own budgets for each department. We understand that you have the yearly budgets for you Photo processing department too. Workplace71 can ensure you the best comfortable price.  

Workplace71 offering to our clients two types of services plan. 1. Regular (24 hours Deadline) and 2. Express (8 hours Deadline). So you can order for more rapid services by contacting our strong customer care.

Our honorable clients can enjoy the online portal with latest technology File Upload and Downlead process. You can track your order anything from your own account at Workplace71.
The account is totally free of cost and all the features are open for you. 


Workplace71 setup a strong customer care unit where you can get the communication facility anytime.  We are open 24/7. 
Customer Care Number: +8801833371971 , +8801833371972

Do you looking for enhance 500 to 7000 images in day? 
Do worry we have the capacity to complete you orders within 24 hours. Our 1200+ skilled image arties are ready to take care of your images. Already they proving by handling thousands of images daily.


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